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Radio Nelson Raid

On Sunday the 5th March at 1-20pm the GPO came banging on the Nelson door. Mr. Frisby, Mr. Williams, and Mr. Gotts came dashing up the stairs to a bedroom where the transmitter was (not Asleep) but very much awake and shouting its head off. By the time Gotts made it to the room Libby Caroline had pulled the plugs out and hid some of the cassette tapes. They went through the whole house pulling out drawers and cupboards to see if they could find anything but they didn't and they put everything back as they had found it "neat and tidy".

Both Libby Caroline and Henry Morgan were questioned and they accused Libby of being the brains behind the station, so now she has a big head. Mr. Gotts & Co. said that the transmitter was the best built job they had seen, now Allen Ross has a bigger head, also they mentioned that the location was the cleanest house that they had entered.

With the GPO were 6 police officers; 2 entered the house the remaining 4 stayed outside. The Police were very good and didn't seem to know what they were there for. One Police officer kept on making remarks about the GPO and told Henry to get a van and broadcast from that, and he also said that he would put an aerial on his radio and tune into them every week from now on.

The GPO when asked for a receipt for the stuff taken gave it to Henry without any complaints; the receipt was for everything even the transmitter. The stuff taken was the transmitter, cassette tape recorder, 5 cassette tapes and a mains unit for the recorder, and all letters that the station had received. On the whole the Post Office were very nice to Libby and Henry. The papers kept on ringing up all day but they refused to talk to them.

The Daily Mirror wrote a very big piece on the raid, Nelson is the only pirate of late to get a big write up in this paper. News of the raid also appeared on lTV news that Sunday evening and was heard on the 6 o'clock news on the Beeb, all have big heads now.

After the raid on Nelson was known, other land-based stations offered their TXs to us, for this we thank you all very much. By the time this article goes to print we hope that Nelson will be back on the air again. Richard Johns, Radio Nelson DJ

Clive Barwood Column

At last after waiting getting on for six months for my 20-watt TX from the BIRM, it actually turned up, but alas it didn't work, and very nearly blew up. This was due to the shoddy workmanship of the engineer involved, and the pi-tank was all shorting out and in generally bad shape. As I was staying in London, my friend and me called in three local engineers, who were disgusted at the workmanship and design. The PA valve was also at fault. We rang him up, and he started making excuses.

In the end I decided to let them take it away to mend it, by using an 807 for the PA. After closer inspection, the RF section was not put together anything like a TX, so I could only think the BIRM engineers don't know what the hell they are doing. Even further inspection of the, TX showed that it wasn't a TX at all. This was very strange as it was so well built; it was very neatly put together.

As I have been in London, Radio 214 hasn't been on. We planned to come on in London, but because of that twerp we couldn't, but we plan to start an alternative station to 214 on about 227 or 230 metres.

Name for the station is not yet decided but I will let you know, in fact it may, be merrily going when you are reading this. We decided not to be pure underground, so disbanded Radio Seth. The new station will run alternative weeks. 214 will be on one week, and the next week the other station will be on. Each station therefore will be on once every two weeks.

While I was in London, I heard some good stations, Radio Samantha, Radio Odyssey, but there doesn't seem to be many like these. Jackie was professional but rather weak, while Samantha was Radio One strength. Needless to say I heard a lot of QSO's. If you must QSO do it on Top Band or anywhere else but don't interfere with the show stations, as this is a bit silly. Anyone would rather hear a good show than someone testing his modulation or cursing Gotts & Co. Anyway sorry not to hear RNI on 270 if and when they do come on it will be really good. So until the next time keep listening.

Clive Barwood, Radio 214

Richard King Column

Well, this is my first column in FRM my first of many I hope. Every month I will keep you up to date with my station Radio Free Zettron and also, the pirate scene in and around North London, plus my views on other things.

Firstly about our TX, which was bought from the BIRM for £12, it was supposed to run 20 watts. When we switched it on smoke came pouring out of the back. So some engineers of a large London organization looked it over and found the 5B/254M valve was shorting. Later they found the circuitry so wired that it just wasn't a TX and that it could never have transmitted, the only good thing about it was that all the pieces were there but they just weren't connected up properly. So never buy TX' s from the BIRM as they are completely incompetent and untrustworthy.

Anyway we are now busy putting the "TX" into a new chassis and changing it from crystal controlled to VFO and we may even put it up in output, but for now it will only run about 12 watts. So for about 2 or 3 weeks RFZ will not be on the air, but here is our new schedule: RFZ - Saturdays 235 metres, 11-00am to 12 noon (alternate Saturdays) Sometimes on Sundays on various frequencies for 1 to 3 hours.

Now more news about other stations, as you all know Radio Nelson and Radio Odyssey were, caught but both will come bouncing back, Radio Odyssey came back after only one week off, but only on low power. Also IFRC HQ was raided and they even took material for the FRM (including my column) so I had to re-write this.

Slowly the North London pirates are coming back after hibernating for the winter, but these are the only regular show stations on now Radio Odyssey, Radio Free Atlantis, and a new station Radio Anonymous on 223 metres, every Sunday 1-30pm to 3-30pm. We (RFZ) will also be on by Easter, also a Radio Personality will be on by Easter no more details can be given at present but the owner will probably give you all the details soon. Also the former QSO Station Radio 5-0 is to start transmissions in May under a new name I have heard their TX from where they are now at RNI strength and the quality was as good as VHF. A friend heard them 40 miles away! So listen out for this one as they will play 40% underground and 10% oldies, and I predict they will be big one day.

Also rumours of the HBN (Helen Broadcasting Network) to reform, but you know what rumours are, just like the one about RNI on 270 metres. Now about last months FRM, John Kenway has the best idea yet except for one flaw to be an alternative to Radio One it will have to be at least Radio Luxembourg strength, so imagine how many watts would be needed as Radio Luxembourg run 150 Kilowatts and Monte Carlo run 400 Kilowatts. Also in answer to Keith Jackson, you talk of QSO stations as if they were pests, well OK maybe they are, but when you build a new TX you naturally want to test it and get it working at a peak so that shows will be better quality and as most people are too lazy to write to you a reception report, or even phone the only way is QSO.

I am forming a small network called the Columbia Network and it consists of RFZ (Radio Free Zettron) and members of the now closed RGI (Radio Geronimo International). So only pirates wanting to join send an SAE to the address below. Also Paul Lewis in FRM 15 is mad! Building a 1000-watt rig for £20? It cost us that much for a 60 watt TX! As for Series gate modulation you need 5-watt amplifiers but such powerful blowers and that means a powerful power supply etc, etc, it just isn't possible for £20. I am sure us London engineers would do it if it were possible... but it isn't. Radio Jackie is non readable on a transistor radio in North London, while Radio Nelson (before they were caught) were barely readable on my mains receiver with 110' external aerial. Also if anyone connected with Radio Electra is reading this please send me an SAE envelope as I have some information to their advantage.

Well that's all for this month so keep listening and fighting.

Richard King (Controller/DJ - RFZ)