Radio UK International

Transmitted regularly between 1968/9 then intermittently then every Saturday and Sunday 1970 until 13/9/1970 when it was raided, they attempted to continue the week after the first raid and the station was set up in a condemned house at Birchwood Lane Somercotes, it lasted just over an hour before being found, the record being played was tears of a clown, just at the bit when it says and there's no one around, that location was raided.

Left to right it's, John Geoffrey Undy (he was in charge of Radio Interference Dept at Nottingham), Policeman from Alfreton Derbyshire police station, Stan Wright, Ken Chandler (he was second in charge at Nottingham) and Donald Lowe.The station was located at 14 Sleetmoor Lane Somercotes Derbyshire.