Further Reading and Radios

Stephen Hebditch

John Hind and Stephen Mosco

Peter Moore

Gerry Bishop

Peter Alex

Paul Harris

Steve Conway

Hans Knot

Graham Gill

Simon Barrett

Keith Skues

Bob Noakes

Mike Weston

Bob Preedy

Colin King

Ray Clark

1950's Blaupunkt Virginia

Grundig Elite Boy

Sony DAB + XDR-S41D

Skyport Radio Studio Clock

Yaesu VR-500

Yaesu VX-5

Vesta Vixen 1967-68

Bird Thruline Wattmeter

Arnold Levine featuring the history of Radio Concord

The story of Sealand by Prince Michael

Field Strength Meter

XHDATA D-219 performs better than my old £400 Yaesu, not bad for under $10

100W meter and Dummy Load

Bob Lawrence

For further reading and photos about offshore radio see The Offshore Radio Guide, Bob Le-Roi Commercial BroadcasterThe Pirate Hall of Fame, Hans Knot  and the Offshore Radio Museum